Library Rules

Rules of University Central Library:

  1. Library membership card is non-transferable.
  2. Library membership cards or other identity records are to be shown at the time of entering into the library or whenever asked for in the library.
  3. Readers are not allowed to bring their personal books or any printed material (spiral/bound book/photocopied material) inside the Library.
  4. Personal belongings like bags, umbrellas, etc. should be deposited at the Property Counter against a token. These are not allowed inside the Library.
  5. In case the property counter token is lost, the deposited article/material may be claimed with proper identification after producing a written request.
  6. Readers are advised not to leave their valuable items like money, passport, credit card, passbooks etc. at the Property Counter.
  7. Readers should not carry books from one floor to another and should leave the books on the reading table after consulting.
  8. Library books issued for use in the Reading Room shall not be taken out of the section without prior permission of Librarian.
  9. Library books shall never be left unattended on the table in the Reading Room. The borrower shall be held responsible for loss, mutilation or damage, if any, while the book stands issued on his account.
  10. At the time of borrowing a book either for use in the Library Reading Room or for overnight issue, every borrower is expected to examine it carefully and bring to the notice of In-Charge, Issue-counter, cases of mutilation, missing of page, defacement or damage, if any, immediately; otherwise if any mutilation, defacement or damage be detected subsequently, the person to whom the book was issued last will be held responsible for such damage, defacement or mutilation.
  11. Talking, sleeping, smoking and loitering are not allowed in the library. Use of mobile phones is not allowed within the library premises.
  12. Readers should not rest or keep their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, etc.
  13. University Central Library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of the personal belongings of the users.
  14. Library staff shall not transmit telephone calls or other personal messages to the readers.
  15. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving with the library staff or with any other member.


Library Membership
The membership is open to teachers, students, research scholars, officers and non-teaching employees of the university. The reading room facilities are provided to outside scholars engaged in serious reading and research with prior permission to Librarian.
Book Loan Privileges
User Categories Number of Books Duration of Loans
Students (UG and PG) 2 14 days
Students (M.Phil.) 2 14 days
Research Scholars (JRF, SRF & Ph D students) 5 30 days
University Teachers 15 180 days
University Officers 10 30 days
Non-Teaching Employees (Permanent) 2 30 days

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